Nabarians in Nerath

Episode 105

Campaign Date: 18 March 1474

The Heroes sit around a campfire outside Toadwallow, thinking of what they should do next.

Then, over a hill on a rearing horse, Maddok once again joins the group. As he comes closer to the rest of the party, they notice that he is holding Skrillex’s blue chicken and a small bag containing 3 potions of healing, which he received from Reithann.

As they fill each other in on what happened, a bullywug steps out of the cave and croaks alarm before running back inside. Although the heroes have yet to take an extended rest, they figure the best strategy is to go back in before the bullywugs reinforce the entrance to the cave. They tie the horse to a tree and the chicken to the horse, then head back inside.

After entering again the cave again, they hear the sounds of shuffling and muffled croaks coming from deeper within.

They continue to the back of the cave. Although they can hear muffled noises, they see no immediate sign of the presence of bullywugs. The most noticeable of features in this large area is a dragon skull that looks as if it were dragged here. Small stalactites hang roughly 15 feet above, dripping with moisture. Fallen rocks litter the area, making a bit of an obstacle to navigate. The cave is dimly lit by scattered glowing moss and a large glowing pool of water, which lies at the back of the cave behind the large skull.

Upon closer inspection of the large dragon skull, through one of the hollow eye sockets two bulbous yellow eyes stare back at the heroes. After a loud croak from the creature in the skull, a small army of bullywug croakers hop out from behind the rocks and two oozes craw out from a hole in the back of the cave.

The Heroes ready their weapons and launch into battle, fighting off croakers and acid burns from the oozes. Gloorpk (the leader of the Toadwallow Bullywugs) remains inside the skull, firing acid bolts from a crossbow. The adventures do well and manage to kill off all but Gloorpk.

After a few precision arrow and crossbow shots through the dragon skull’s eyehole, Gloorpk begs for his life! If the heroes spare his life he promises his hidden treasure in return. Everyone agrees and allows the plump wobbly toad to show them to a chest hidden beneath a pile of skulls on the other side of the cavern. Inside the chest is a small fortune in gold, Gauntlets of Blood, Catstep Boots, a sapphire, and a potion of healing.

While everyone is in deep debate over who gets what bit of the treasure, Gloorpk finds this as an opportunity to escape. As Skrillex yells in alarm to the others, Gloorpk shuffles out the cave entrance, hops down the steep ledge, and leaps as fast as his pudgy froggy legs can.

Worried about his horse, Maddok runs as fast as he can to the caves entrance and sees that Gloorpk is running towards a group of other bullywugs. They pick up their pace to meet Gloorpk. Maddok readies his greatbow and launches an arrow at long distance. Chancing his luck, his arrow finds its target and buries deep into the back of Gloorpk’s head.

(At this point, the others find the large glowing pool of water filled with baseball sized eggs. Assuming they’re bullywug eggs, they stomp on them, smashing every last one.)

Uggloor, a bullywug champion, was leading a raid and now returning back to their home cave to brag of their spoils. Amongst the spoils is a Halfling boy, who’s bound by rope and being dragged behind Uggloor. Seeing Glorp drop dead a few feet infront of them, the champion and other bullywugs charge the entrance of the cave.

Having the advantage of standing on a raised ledge, the heroes use ranged attacks to pick off the oncoming bullywugs with little difficulty.

The sun begins to set as they return to their camp. The horse and chicken are still waiting for them. They invite the Halfling boy over to get warm; he looked pale, sick, battered. They learn his name is Heron and belongs to the Reedfoot clan, over by the White River. He and his friends were ambushed while fishing. His friends managed to escape but he didn’t have such luck.

The heroes decide it’s best to take little Heron back to his people. Traveling along the White River, they come to a Halfling encampment. As the heroes enter, the Halflings only have to look but a moment before growing excited upon the safe return of Heron. Heron’s mother runs out and gives him a big hug. He explains that the heroes killed all the bullywugs! The Halfling camp brightens with laughter and cheer as they begin to celebrate. Willet Reedfoot then greets the heroes and offers ale, the finest Halfling weed, and a place to stay the night in gratitude of their heroic feats.

The heroes dance and have a great time. Skrillex had a little too much weed, however. When searching for his chicken, rather than passing out in a hut like the others, he passes out in the woods.

The fires die and the sky grows darker; Skrillex, Kirgovhan, Maddok, Thordrin, and Naelus rest well after a long day.

Episode 104

Campaign Date: 17-18 March 1474

The adventures enter Ernt the Wainwright’s shop and are lead to a back room by Dar Gremath, where he moves aside some boxes and opens a trap door. This leads to a series of underground tunnels, which are used as the base of the Harkenwold Resistance.

They enter a meeting room where they discuss a variety of happenings involving the treacherous plots of the Iron Circle. Here, in the room are the town elder Gerrad, the smithy Kethrid, Enna the Runner, and a few others. Here it is said that Nazin Redthorn is only a Lieutenant and there is much more to the Iron Circle than what’s here in Harkenwold.

Gremath gives them several options on how they can help. There are a few supply caravans they can mess up. Also, they could help out the people in Tor’s Hold and see if they can send soldiers to help out with the resistance.

The adventurers agree to help and are given free room and board at the Mallard Inn (which has been cleaned up since last encounter). Maddok had wonderd off on his own and Thordrin went for a stroll with the smithy Kathrid, leaving Kirgovhan, Skrillex, and Naeilus to get drunk at the bar with Onneth.

The next morning the group head out to Tor’s Hold, passing through Druid Grove along the way (they couldn’t find Maddok so they left him) and meet Reithann and her two apprentices Lorel and Theren. Thankful for their help in Harkenwold, she gives them a few items to help them on their travels (Bag of Holding, Everlasting Provisions, and an Amulet of Protection +1). She wishes them all the best on their journey.

Upon reaching Tor’s Hold, they are greeted with the scene of a ravaged town trying to mend its wounds. People are boarding openings and making repairs to damaged parts of buildings. They look as if they are preparing for battle. Bran Torsson approaches the adventurers and asks them their business. He’d gladly appreciate their help and if they can find out what’s behind these Bullywog raids, Tor’s Hold may be able to spare an army to help with the resistance. However, the safety of their town is a priority.

At this point, Skrillex decides it would be safer for his chicken to stay here. He places in a pen with the towns other chickens (it stands out because it’s blue for the time being) and heads towards Toadwollow with the others.

They climb up a 10ft ledge to the entrance of the Bullywug cave and were stealthy enough to set up an ambush. Thordrin and Kirgovhan rush in while Naelis and Skrillex keep a distance. Unfortunately, there were some Stirges on the ceiling that flew down, surrounding Thor and Kirk.
Things were going well until Thordrin got a pretty nasty blow to the gut, knocking him unconscious. (Moradrin came to him for a moment, but Thordrin pretty much said, “Screw you, I ain’t giving you no money”).

Well, they (barley) survived that round. There were sounds from deeper in the cave, signifying that there is more awaiting them. So they quickly looked around, picked up some loot and Mushrooms (3 Blood Caps and 2 Milk Caps), and rather then go deeper into the cave they dragged the dwarf outside and fixed him up.

The sun still holds high in the sky, for it is only just before dinnertime. They now site by a fire, resting just outside the cave, plotting their next move.

Episode 103

Campaign Date: 17 March 1474 (Sun)

After brushing themselves off from the fight with the Iron Circle Brigands (whose corpses now litter the front yard of Ilyana’s Farmhouse), the adventurers attempt to make contact with the half-elven woman (Ilyana) inside. She’s slightly reluctant to let them in, but after they extinguish the fire to her shed (Skrillex uses mage hand to carry wobbly orbs of water from the well, everyone else just uses a bucket) she apologizes and lets them in. She allows them time to rest and serves them some food. Her two boys, Jarek (15) and Jarl (13), join them as well.

They talk to Ilyana about the Iron Circle, their “leader” Nazin Redthorn, and her dead husband, Karthan. She describes the Iron Circle as a bunch of thugs saying they’re collecting taxes for a better Harkenwold, but are really just robbing people of the little they have left. As she is explains why the group should go to Albridge to talk to Dar Gremath or the druid Rethann, there is a shuffling of feet on the roof and a squeaky chuckle.

Maddok goes outside to investigate the sound as he steps through the door a Goblin Cutter jumps from the roof and attacks him. The others ready their weapons and prepare for a battle. Ilyana puts the boys in one of the bedrooms to keep them safe.

There are several Goblins in the yard, which have followed the group from Harken Village. The warrior (who seems to be in charge) exclaims that they’ve come to avenge the death of their leader, Grock! As they begin to fight, a half-elven thief (Enna) comes up the hill and jumps in on the fight against the goblins. The Goblin Warrior shouts a warcry, “For Grock! For Daggerburg!!”

They defeat all the goblins without letting any escape. Afterwards they help Ilyana by cleaning up all the bodies and burning them behind the house. They find a bit of Gp and Sp on the bodies, as well as three uncut Lapis Lazuli and a lvl3 Bracers of the Perfect Shot (which went to Maddok). Enna happens to also be going to Albridge so they travel together.

Upon arriving at Albirdge, they are greeting by Erst the Wainwright, a farm equipment merchant and wagon builder. Skrillex purchases a trowel from him. After walking over the bridge, they are greeted by the town’s elder, Gerrad. He mentions since it’s the weekend, there’s market happening in the Village Green. The adventurers walk among the many booths and look at items they wish to purchase. Skrillex purchases a live chicken. At this point, the group splits up, Enna and Maddox go to Gremath Stables (Enna is supposed to deliver a letter there), Thordrin, Skrillex, and Nealus go to the Mallard Inn, while Kirgovhan wonders around on his own.

Kirgovhan meets the smithy, Kathrid. Says she hails from Hammerfast and could make some nice modifications to his glave for a good price. Kirgovan would rather barter his services than pay, so she says he should go to the stables and talk to Dar Gremath.

Thordrin, Nealus, and Skrillex sit at the bar at the Mallard Inn and order drinks from Onneh (half-elven male nearing retirement). Shortly after, some Iron Circle soldiers come in and demand drinks from Onneh. They become suspicious of the three at the bar because of their heavy artillery. Thordrin is able to talk the Iron Circle brigand into leaving them alone.

Enna and Maddok meet with Dar Gremath at the stables. Maddok gets jealous and storms off to meet the others at the Inn. Kirgovhan then comes to the stables. Enna delivers the letter to Dar Gremath. It’s a letter from Bran Torsson of Tor’s Hold. It explains that Tor’s Hold is being bombarded by Bullywugs from Toadwallow Caverns and can’t spare any soldiers to aid in Dar’s cause. Dar asks the adventurers to come to Erst’s shop at sun down; he will explain everything then.

As Maddok enters the Inn and joins the others, the Iron Circle Brigand becomes furious and demands that they remove their weapons. After they refuse, the brigand smashes Thordrin’s beer against the wall, roll initiative!!

The bystanders flee the first chance they get but Onneh just cowers behind the bar, seeing and hearing everything. Kirgovhan and Enna join in the battle at the beginning of the 2nd turn. It was a pretty easy fight and the Iron Circle dead are still lying in the Inn…

Kirgovan and Enna lead the rest of the group to Ernt’s shop come sundown where Dar Gremath greets them and asks them inside.

Episode 102

Campaign Date: 16 – 17 March 1474

Before entering the last chamber of the goblin dungeon, the group perceives another threat from the hallway in which they already came down. To make a long story short, it was Nealus, the Eladrin rogue. Well, he was kind of forced to join the party since from the next room burst a gang of goblin, a Warlord Goblin named Grock, a wolf, and a dire wolf.

Group kills them all and finds a lot of treasure, a note, and a Halfling and Human (both dead). The note mentions a slave trade; a caravan will come to pick up the “merchandise”. It is signed, “Nazin Redthorn”.

They exit only to find that there are fresh tracks signifying that the caravan has already left. The adventurers return to town to collect their money from Dannurk Ironbeard. He mentions his wife was among those who’ve been captured. He also says, they know too much and should leave town as soon as possible. They may be able to find help in Albridge. He has a friend there, a smithy named Kathrid. He repeats, don’t tell anyone what they know.

The group stay at Nonnie’s Inn (run by the elderly Halfling, Nonnie Farwhere) and visit the market (they talk to the “oily” merchant, Rennis, but reveal no information), there are Iron Circle soldiers patrolling the city and start to take notice of the adventurers. Rather than cause a fight, they leave town.

While trying to decide weather to look for the caravan or go to Albridge, they notice a pillar of black smoke pluming from behind a hill. The find a small farm house surrounded by Iron Circle soldiers. There is a woman screaming from inside. The black smoke was from a shed that they burned as a warning.

The adventurers make a surprise attack and kill all of the soldiers. The woman is still locked inside the house screaming hysterically.

Episode 101

Campaign Date: 16 March 1474 (Sat)

This is my first time ever running a game so I used a slightly modified adventure I found in the Role-Play starter set.

The adventurers (Thordrin, Kirgovhan, Skrillex, and Maddok) all bump into one another at the Cliffside Brewery in Harken Village, Harkenwold. Maddok and Skrillex had a dispute with the brewery’s Dwarven owner, Dannurk Ironbeard, over the price of wine (5gp) and beer (2sp). He says the price is already low enough but he could repay them in hospitality (and 25g each) if they go into a nearby dungeon to see why they goblins have been acting up and kidnapping people in the evening. This is all “hush hush” by the way.

The adventurers travel into the dungeon and battle some goblins. They find a crudely drawn map with both the brewery and the Baron John Stokmer’s estate circled. Some sort of plan, possibly?

The episode concludes with a Goblin Hexmage screaming an alert into the next room as he’s chopped in half by Thordrin’s axe. Skrillex quickly closed the door with mage hand, but on the other side they could hear grunting, the shuffling of feet, and a loud bloodcurdling howl!!


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