Nabarians in Nerath

Campaign Date: 16 March 1474 (Sat)

This is my first time ever running a game so I used a slightly modified adventure I found in the Role-Play starter set.

The adventurers (Thordrin, Kirgovhan, Skrillex, and Maddok) all bump into one another at the Cliffside Brewery in Harken Village, Harkenwold. Maddok and Skrillex had a dispute with the brewery’s Dwarven owner, Dannurk Ironbeard, over the price of wine (5gp) and beer (2sp). He says the price is already low enough but he could repay them in hospitality (and 25g each) if they go into a nearby dungeon to see why they goblins have been acting up and kidnapping people in the evening. This is all “hush hush” by the way.

The adventurers travel into the dungeon and battle some goblins. They find a crudely drawn map with both the brewery and the Baron John Stokmer’s estate circled. Some sort of plan, possibly?

The episode concludes with a Goblin Hexmage screaming an alert into the next room as he’s chopped in half by Thordrin’s axe. Skrillex quickly closed the door with mage hand, but on the other side they could hear grunting, the shuffling of feet, and a loud bloodcurdling howl!!


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