Nabarians in Nerath

Campaign Date: 16 – 17 March 1474

Before entering the last chamber of the goblin dungeon, the group perceives another threat from the hallway in which they already came down. To make a long story short, it was Nealus, the Eladrin rogue. Well, he was kind of forced to join the party since from the next room burst a gang of goblin, a Warlord Goblin named Grock, a wolf, and a dire wolf.

Group kills them all and finds a lot of treasure, a note, and a Halfling and Human (both dead). The note mentions a slave trade; a caravan will come to pick up the “merchandise”. It is signed, “Nazin Redthorn”.

They exit only to find that there are fresh tracks signifying that the caravan has already left. The adventurers return to town to collect their money from Dannurk Ironbeard. He mentions his wife was among those who’ve been captured. He also says, they know too much and should leave town as soon as possible. They may be able to find help in Albridge. He has a friend there, a smithy named Kathrid. He repeats, don’t tell anyone what they know.

The group stay at Nonnie’s Inn (run by the elderly Halfling, Nonnie Farwhere) and visit the market (they talk to the “oily” merchant, Rennis, but reveal no information), there are Iron Circle soldiers patrolling the city and start to take notice of the adventurers. Rather than cause a fight, they leave town.

While trying to decide weather to look for the caravan or go to Albridge, they notice a pillar of black smoke pluming from behind a hill. The find a small farm house surrounded by Iron Circle soldiers. There is a woman screaming from inside. The black smoke was from a shed that they burned as a warning.

The adventurers make a surprise attack and kill all of the soldiers. The woman is still locked inside the house screaming hysterically.


That brigand was no match for my axe!

Episode 102
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