Nabarians in Nerath

Campaign Date: 17 March 1474 (Sun)

After brushing themselves off from the fight with the Iron Circle Brigands (whose corpses now litter the front yard of Ilyana’s Farmhouse), the adventurers attempt to make contact with the half-elven woman (Ilyana) inside. She’s slightly reluctant to let them in, but after they extinguish the fire to her shed (Skrillex uses mage hand to carry wobbly orbs of water from the well, everyone else just uses a bucket) she apologizes and lets them in. She allows them time to rest and serves them some food. Her two boys, Jarek (15) and Jarl (13), join them as well.

They talk to Ilyana about the Iron Circle, their “leader” Nazin Redthorn, and her dead husband, Karthan. She describes the Iron Circle as a bunch of thugs saying they’re collecting taxes for a better Harkenwold, but are really just robbing people of the little they have left. As she is explains why the group should go to Albridge to talk to Dar Gremath or the druid Rethann, there is a shuffling of feet on the roof and a squeaky chuckle.

Maddok goes outside to investigate the sound as he steps through the door a Goblin Cutter jumps from the roof and attacks him. The others ready their weapons and prepare for a battle. Ilyana puts the boys in one of the bedrooms to keep them safe.

There are several Goblins in the yard, which have followed the group from Harken Village. The warrior (who seems to be in charge) exclaims that they’ve come to avenge the death of their leader, Grock! As they begin to fight, a half-elven thief (Enna) comes up the hill and jumps in on the fight against the goblins. The Goblin Warrior shouts a warcry, “For Grock! For Daggerburg!!”

They defeat all the goblins without letting any escape. Afterwards they help Ilyana by cleaning up all the bodies and burning them behind the house. They find a bit of Gp and Sp on the bodies, as well as three uncut Lapis Lazuli and a lvl3 Bracers of the Perfect Shot (which went to Maddok). Enna happens to also be going to Albridge so they travel together.

Upon arriving at Albirdge, they are greeting by Erst the Wainwright, a farm equipment merchant and wagon builder. Skrillex purchases a trowel from him. After walking over the bridge, they are greeted by the town’s elder, Gerrad. He mentions since it’s the weekend, there’s market happening in the Village Green. The adventurers walk among the many booths and look at items they wish to purchase. Skrillex purchases a live chicken. At this point, the group splits up, Enna and Maddox go to Gremath Stables (Enna is supposed to deliver a letter there), Thordrin, Skrillex, and Nealus go to the Mallard Inn, while Kirgovhan wonders around on his own.

Kirgovhan meets the smithy, Kathrid. Says she hails from Hammerfast and could make some nice modifications to his glave for a good price. Kirgovan would rather barter his services than pay, so she says he should go to the stables and talk to Dar Gremath.

Thordrin, Nealus, and Skrillex sit at the bar at the Mallard Inn and order drinks from Onneh (half-elven male nearing retirement). Shortly after, some Iron Circle soldiers come in and demand drinks from Onneh. They become suspicious of the three at the bar because of their heavy artillery. Thordrin is able to talk the Iron Circle brigand into leaving them alone.

Enna and Maddok meet with Dar Gremath at the stables. Maddok gets jealous and storms off to meet the others at the Inn. Kirgovhan then comes to the stables. Enna delivers the letter to Dar Gremath. It’s a letter from Bran Torsson of Tor’s Hold. It explains that Tor’s Hold is being bombarded by Bullywugs from Toadwallow Caverns and can’t spare any soldiers to aid in Dar’s cause. Dar asks the adventurers to come to Erst’s shop at sun down; he will explain everything then.

As Maddok enters the Inn and joins the others, the Iron Circle Brigand becomes furious and demands that they remove their weapons. After they refuse, the brigand smashes Thordrin’s beer against the wall, roll initiative!!

The bystanders flee the first chance they get but Onneh just cowers behind the bar, seeing and hearing everything. Kirgovhan and Enna join in the battle at the beginning of the 2nd turn. It was a pretty easy fight and the Iron Circle dead are still lying in the Inn…

Kirgovan and Enna lead the rest of the group to Ernt’s shop come sundown where Dar Gremath greets them and asks them inside.


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