Nabarians in Nerath

Campaign Date: 17-18 March 1474

The adventures enter Ernt the Wainwright’s shop and are lead to a back room by Dar Gremath, where he moves aside some boxes and opens a trap door. This leads to a series of underground tunnels, which are used as the base of the Harkenwold Resistance.

They enter a meeting room where they discuss a variety of happenings involving the treacherous plots of the Iron Circle. Here, in the room are the town elder Gerrad, the smithy Kethrid, Enna the Runner, and a few others. Here it is said that Nazin Redthorn is only a Lieutenant and there is much more to the Iron Circle than what’s here in Harkenwold.

Gremath gives them several options on how they can help. There are a few supply caravans they can mess up. Also, they could help out the people in Tor’s Hold and see if they can send soldiers to help out with the resistance.

The adventurers agree to help and are given free room and board at the Mallard Inn (which has been cleaned up since last encounter). Maddok had wonderd off on his own and Thordrin went for a stroll with the smithy Kathrid, leaving Kirgovhan, Skrillex, and Naeilus to get drunk at the bar with Onneth.

The next morning the group head out to Tor’s Hold, passing through Druid Grove along the way (they couldn’t find Maddok so they left him) and meet Reithann and her two apprentices Lorel and Theren. Thankful for their help in Harkenwold, she gives them a few items to help them on their travels (Bag of Holding, Everlasting Provisions, and an Amulet of Protection +1). She wishes them all the best on their journey.

Upon reaching Tor’s Hold, they are greeted with the scene of a ravaged town trying to mend its wounds. People are boarding openings and making repairs to damaged parts of buildings. They look as if they are preparing for battle. Bran Torsson approaches the adventurers and asks them their business. He’d gladly appreciate their help and if they can find out what’s behind these Bullywog raids, Tor’s Hold may be able to spare an army to help with the resistance. However, the safety of their town is a priority.

At this point, Skrillex decides it would be safer for his chicken to stay here. He places in a pen with the towns other chickens (it stands out because it’s blue for the time being) and heads towards Toadwollow with the others.

They climb up a 10ft ledge to the entrance of the Bullywug cave and were stealthy enough to set up an ambush. Thordrin and Kirgovhan rush in while Naelis and Skrillex keep a distance. Unfortunately, there were some Stirges on the ceiling that flew down, surrounding Thor and Kirk.
Things were going well until Thordrin got a pretty nasty blow to the gut, knocking him unconscious. (Moradrin came to him for a moment, but Thordrin pretty much said, “Screw you, I ain’t giving you no money”).

Well, they (barley) survived that round. There were sounds from deeper in the cave, signifying that there is more awaiting them. So they quickly looked around, picked up some loot and Mushrooms (3 Blood Caps and 2 Milk Caps), and rather then go deeper into the cave they dragged the dwarf outside and fixed him up.

The sun still holds high in the sky, for it is only just before dinnertime. They now site by a fire, resting just outside the cave, plotting their next move.


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