Nabarians in Nerath

Episode 105

Campaign Date: 18 March 1474

The Heroes sit around a campfire outside Toadwallow, thinking of what they should do next.

Then, over a hill on a rearing horse, Maddok once again joins the group. As he comes closer to the rest of the party, they notice that he is holding Skrillex’s blue chicken and a small bag containing 3 potions of healing, which he received from Reithann.

As they fill each other in on what happened, a bullywug steps out of the cave and croaks alarm before running back inside. Although the heroes have yet to take an extended rest, they figure the best strategy is to go back in before the bullywugs reinforce the entrance to the cave. They tie the horse to a tree and the chicken to the horse, then head back inside.

After entering again the cave again, they hear the sounds of shuffling and muffled croaks coming from deeper within.

They continue to the back of the cave. Although they can hear muffled noises, they see no immediate sign of the presence of bullywugs. The most noticeable of features in this large area is a dragon skull that looks as if it were dragged here. Small stalactites hang roughly 15 feet above, dripping with moisture. Fallen rocks litter the area, making a bit of an obstacle to navigate. The cave is dimly lit by scattered glowing moss and a large glowing pool of water, which lies at the back of the cave behind the large skull.

Upon closer inspection of the large dragon skull, through one of the hollow eye sockets two bulbous yellow eyes stare back at the heroes. After a loud croak from the creature in the skull, a small army of bullywug croakers hop out from behind the rocks and two oozes craw out from a hole in the back of the cave.

The Heroes ready their weapons and launch into battle, fighting off croakers and acid burns from the oozes. Gloorpk (the leader of the Toadwallow Bullywugs) remains inside the skull, firing acid bolts from a crossbow. The adventures do well and manage to kill off all but Gloorpk.

After a few precision arrow and crossbow shots through the dragon skull’s eyehole, Gloorpk begs for his life! If the heroes spare his life he promises his hidden treasure in return. Everyone agrees and allows the plump wobbly toad to show them to a chest hidden beneath a pile of skulls on the other side of the cavern. Inside the chest is a small fortune in gold, Gauntlets of Blood, Catstep Boots, a sapphire, and a potion of healing.

While everyone is in deep debate over who gets what bit of the treasure, Gloorpk finds this as an opportunity to escape. As Skrillex yells in alarm to the others, Gloorpk shuffles out the cave entrance, hops down the steep ledge, and leaps as fast as his pudgy froggy legs can.

Worried about his horse, Maddok runs as fast as he can to the caves entrance and sees that Gloorpk is running towards a group of other bullywugs. They pick up their pace to meet Gloorpk. Maddok readies his greatbow and launches an arrow at long distance. Chancing his luck, his arrow finds its target and buries deep into the back of Gloorpk’s head.

(At this point, the others find the large glowing pool of water filled with baseball sized eggs. Assuming they’re bullywug eggs, they stomp on them, smashing every last one.)

Uggloor, a bullywug champion, was leading a raid and now returning back to their home cave to brag of their spoils. Amongst the spoils is a Halfling boy, who’s bound by rope and being dragged behind Uggloor. Seeing Glorp drop dead a few feet infront of them, the champion and other bullywugs charge the entrance of the cave.

Having the advantage of standing on a raised ledge, the heroes use ranged attacks to pick off the oncoming bullywugs with little difficulty.

The sun begins to set as they return to their camp. The horse and chicken are still waiting for them. They invite the Halfling boy over to get warm; he looked pale, sick, battered. They learn his name is Heron and belongs to the Reedfoot clan, over by the White River. He and his friends were ambushed while fishing. His friends managed to escape but he didn’t have such luck.

The heroes decide it’s best to take little Heron back to his people. Traveling along the White River, they come to a Halfling encampment. As the heroes enter, the Halflings only have to look but a moment before growing excited upon the safe return of Heron. Heron’s mother runs out and gives him a big hug. He explains that the heroes killed all the bullywugs! The Halfling camp brightens with laughter and cheer as they begin to celebrate. Willet Reedfoot then greets the heroes and offers ale, the finest Halfling weed, and a place to stay the night in gratitude of their heroic feats.

The heroes dance and have a great time. Skrillex had a little too much weed, however. When searching for his chicken, rather than passing out in a hut like the others, he passes out in the woods.

The fires die and the sky grows darker; Skrillex, Kirgovhan, Maddok, Thordrin, and Naelus rest well after a long day.


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