Welcome to the Nabarian Campaign

We’re all pretty new to playing D&D and this is my first time being a DM. Because of this, I’m currently running the adventure “Reavers of Harkenwold” to get a feel for the game and the world. Hopefully, I’ll deviate from ‘canned’ adventures in the near future.

Current Players: Dawid Botes (Maddok), Karl Griffiths (Kergovhan), Jonathan Fry (Thordrin aka “Shorty”), Michael Livesey (Nealus Galathor), Hope Doe (Dandilion), Joseph Kenworthy (Bronzebrew)

Guest Players: Niamh Miniter (Enna)

Former Players: Patrick St.Michel (Skrillex Von Dubstep)

Retired Characters:

Dead Characters:

The adventurers are currently traveling around Harkenwold (map) in the Nentir Vale.


Nabarians in Nerath

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