Rule #1: Missing a game

We’ll continue to play if one player can’t make a planned game night. However, if two players are unable to make it we’ll consider postponing the game. You’ll miss out on treasure and experience for that session, but if you can tell the DM what your character was doing (and it helps support the game’s story) then you will be awarded some “role-play” XP.

Rule #2: Party Foul

If you spill a drink, you take -1 to your attack rolls till the end of the encounter. If not in an encounter then it applies to the next encounter. If a drink is spilled on tatami… umm, what happens, Jon?

Rule #3: Extra action points

Still working this one out, but you can earn an extra action point if you send the DM a character journal. You’ll loose any extra action points after an extended rest.


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